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M-Libraries 2: A Virtual Library in Everyone’s Pocket

Mohamed Ally and Gill Needham haben im Mai 2010 ein Buch (englischsprachig) zum Thema Mobile Bibliotheksangebote herausgegeben. Folgende Themen werden angesprochen:
– enhancing library access through the use of mobile technology
– the university library digital reading room
– mobile access for workplace and language training
– the role of an agent supplying content on mobile devices
– cyberlearning and reference services via mobile devices
– podcasting as an outreach tool
– service models for information therapy services delivered to mobiles
– bibliographic ontology and e-books
– health literacy and healthy action in the connected age
– a collaborative approach to support flexible, blended and technology-enhanced learning
– mobilizing the development of information skills for students on the move and in the workplace
May 2010; 320pp; paperback; 978-1-85604-696-1;

Weitere Informationen: Weitere Informationen: http://mobile-libraries.blogspot.com/2010/06/m-libraries-2-virtual-library-in.html

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