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IFLA-Publikation zum Thema Schulbibliotheken

Nr. 148 der IFLA Publikationen ist ein Titel zum Thema Schulbibliotheken: “Global Perspectives on School Libraries – Projects and Practices”.

“Education for all can be more effectively provided through the services, programmes and activities of the school library tailored to the needs of the school community. This inspiring book can foster the school librarian’s professional development for school library enhancement. It aims at providing amazing topics, methodologies, approaches and experiences. It presents projects and practices addressing the challenges of supporting basic literacy, including contexts where many children cannot or do not access formal instruction on a regular basis. These may inspire education authorities, public librarians and other cultural professionals who work closely with schools and communities.”

Global Perspectives on School Libraries; Projects and Practices. Edited by Luisa Marquardt and Dianne Oberg. Berlin/Munich: De Gruyter Saur, 2011. ISBN 978-3-11-023220-2. (IFLA Publications; Nr 148). Euro 89,95

Quelle: IFLA News

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