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IFLA: Stellungnahme zum Thema Urheberrecht im Internet

Gestern wurde weltweit gegen die Verabschiedung von US-Gesetzesentwürfen zum Urheberrechtsschutz im Internet protestiert (wir berichteten oebib-Blog: Blackout Day Jan 2012). Die IFLA-Kommision FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression) hat sich gestern auch zu dem Thema geäußert:

„In light of recent legislation in the US (SOPA and PIPA), and a decision last week in the Netherlands that orders Dutch ISPs to block access to the Pirate Bay website, this excellent new FAIFE Spotlight by Finnish journalist Hanna Nikkanen is very timely. In it, she explores the dangers of threatening private companies with fines if they do not enforce strict bans on access to copyrighted material – and points how that when complying with such rulings these companies will almost certainly interpret the law in a more restrictive manner than necessary in order to protect themselves from the financial consequences of not doing so. The end result is that punishing the providers of communications infrastructure for making available copyright-violating material instead of the actual culprits will end up exposing innocent internet users to side effects that infringe on their basic rights – such as restrictions on freedom of speech.“  Kai Ekholm, FAIFE Chair

Die finnische Journalistin  Hanna Nikkanen fasst die Lage in Europa in einem  FAIFE-Spotlight-Beitrag zusammen. Den Beitrag erreichen Sie unter: http://www.ifla.org/en/publications/policing-the-internet-is-not-a-job-for-a-corporation 

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